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Be Part of The Future Martial Art
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Choi Kwang-Do Richmond

Martial arts, health & fitness.

Practical self defence classes for adults and children in

Richmond, Twickenham, Kew, Sheen, Barnes & the surrounding areas.


Call: 0800 112 0003



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What makes Choi Kwang-Do different?

Excellent for health and fitness

Scientifically designed techniques
No joint locking movements
Suitable for ALL ages and ALL abilities
Practical, real-life self defence.



NO price increases at CKD Richmond!!


Despite rising costs in all areas, there are currently no plans to increase membership fees at

CKD Richmond. Current prices have been in place since CKD Richmond opened in 2007.



Join now to take advantage of the following offers:


NO Joining fee

FREE Annual Insurance cover


For your FREE trial class call:


Freephone: 0800 112 0003


Mobile: 07949 574 142





New Children's Classes at CKD Richmond


NEW Children's Classes - for more info click here


Choi Kwang-Do Richmond sponsors

The Children's Safety Education Foundation





'The Children's Safety Education Foundation aims to promote and further the personal safety, social, health and citizenship education of children and young people, encouraging their study needs through the written word and also promotion of public interest in Personal Safety and Citizenship.

The aim is to provide children throughout the UK with access to educational safety programmes. Topics include: Bullying, vandalism, road safety, fire safety, car crime, drug, alcohol & solvent mis-use, and anti-social behaviour.

This initiative underlines the philosophy of being community focused. Young people are a valued part of the community, and it is our intention to make them feel safe, involved and reassured'.

Further information can be found at:



The North Richmond Safer Neighbourhood Team


Keep up to date with what's happening in your community.