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Adult Classes

adult martial art classes richmond

Adults training in Choi Kwang-Do share a common goal; self-improvement and we aim to help them fulfil this goal.  This includes improving health, learning self defence, and improving body, mind and personal development.

Modern lifestyles mean that we are not as physically active as we used to be, which makes it all the more important to make a conscious effort to exercise more.  The choices we make daily can either speed up or slow down the aging process.

Choi Kwang-Do is an ideal form of exercise for all ages.  Anyone can enjoy the benefits of training.  Our classes allow members to take the time they need to adapt and progress at a pace they feel comfortable with.  Adults find that they can de-stress and increase their health and grow as individuals being part of the Choi Kwang-Do team.

As each member is able to work at their own pace, this takes away any pressure to perform and allows them to focus on their own individual capabilities.

Members are protected from heavy damage to their joints and muscles, instead using movements which actually enhance our health as we train.  Using only light contact in our training means the risk of injury during training is greatly reduced.  Instead, we practise our techniques using full power on striking equipment, making an energetic, fun and enjoyable form of exercise.

Training in a non-competitive environment means that our members have a natural tendency as they progress to help their fellow members.  This builds great camaraderie and friendships in our classes with members of all levels working together towards their next goal within our belt rank system.

Even as adults, it’s important to learn the very basics before going on to the more challenging syllabus.  Our progressive system means that each member can train in a safe environment with light contact and gradually build on their skills using punching, kicking and striking techniques, and work on blocking response.  Over time, our members become fully equipped with the skills necessary for a realistic practical form of self defence.

At the beginning of our classes, the teenagers and adults recite the ‘Adult Pledge’, as a mission statement which should be followed not only in our Choi Kwang-Do classes, but encourages our members to carry on this discipline outside the classes, during our studies, at home and at work.

Choi Kwang-Do will contribute to a more happy, healthy and successful lifestyle.  The use of our school motto ‘Pil Seung’ meaning ‘Certain Victory’ is used continuously throughout our classes and encouraged as a positive message we can use at all times, to help motivate us and help achieve our goals.

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