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Historical Culture of Choi Kwang-Do

certain victory

Choi Kwang-Do is of Korean origin and derives many of its traditions and customs, as well as terminology, from Korea’s own heritage. Many of these traditions and customs are based on the wisdom of oriental philosophers such as Lao Tzu, Buddha and Confucius. Aspects such as bowing; demonstration of respect for seniors and elders; loyalty to one’s family, group or country; emphasis on patience, self discipline, courtesy and humility; are all examples of traditional oriental philosophy.

These customs, many dating back thousands of years, were originally designed to promote harmony, justice and social order. Interestingly enough, it is these same ancient customs that form the modern basis for promoting a safer and more productive learning environment for Choi Kwang-Do training.

A more recent example of Choi Kwang-Do’s military heritage is Choi Kwang-Do’s motto or slogan: Pil Seung (literally meaning ‘Certain Victory’). This is a term widely used as a salute by Korea’s famous ROK Army (Army of South Korea). Pil Seung emphasises that no defeat is permanent or all encompassing, and that with a positive mental attitude and perseverance any important goal can be achieved.

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