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Children's Classes

childrens martial art classes richmond
childrens martial art classes richmond

Empowering Children

Children are one part of our population but 100% of our future.  Our classes help build confidence which will be vital throughout their lives.


Children learn good behaviour not only from our instructors, but also from other students.  The beginning of the class starts with all students sitting quietly, and this behaviour is encouraged from seeing how the seniors in the class act as positive role models.  We also have a Leadership Team who set a good example in our classes.  These are called Team Leaders in our children’s class.


As we train in a non-competitive environment, students begin to support each other with positive reinforcement, helping fellow students.  Choi Kwang-Do encourages students to be well disciplined (using self-discipline), observing how their seniors act during our classes, how they behave and enjoy their training.  They learn to be patient, appreciating that achievement takes time; they learn to stay focused until they achieve their goals.  This is instilled using our progressive belt ranking system.  We start at White Belt and go all the way to the highest level of Black Belt.  With regular attendance this gives our students a new challenge and goal on a regular basis.  As they progress, they gain more confidence learning higher skills and techniques.


Our school motto is “Pil Seung” meaning ‘Certain Victory’.  We translate this to our younger students by reinforcing that they should ‘always do their best and never give up’.  Indeed, at the start of each class the children begin the class by reciting a ‘Children’s Promise’; a mission statement for them to follow, not just at Choi Kwang-Do but also at home and at school.


Many new parents who enquire for our classes share a common concern; will their child get hurt?  As long as each child follows the syllabus and performs techniques as they have been taught by their instructor, our martial art is very safe to practise.  Our progressive system means that new students can get to grips with the very basics before moving on to more challenging syllabus using some light contact for the purpose of blocking, but by this time being much better prepared.  The removal of harsh lockout movements helps children’s young bones become strong and healthy at the crucial time when their bone density is being formed.  Our martial art works in harmony with the body, and we systematically train both sides of the body equally, improving coordination and concentration.  This means our students develop their brain as well as their muscles.


Our children’s classes are a great place for children to learn martial arts and practical self defence skills in a safe and structured environment.  So you can feel confident knowing your child is developing the habit of regular exercise that will improve their health and fitness in a safe, fun and enjoyable class.


If you are a parent reading this, have you ever considered training alongside your child?


In addition to the health benefits, training in martial arts as a family, or with a family member can be extremely rewarding, and there is simply no better way to encourage your child.


Family discounts are also available.

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