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FREE Introductory Trial Classes

Whatever your age and fitness level, Choi Kwang-Do will benefit your personal development.

The best way for you to find out whether this is the art for you is to come and experience it for yourself!

We offer a free introductory trial class, where you can experience the benefits of Choi Kwang Do first hand.

Here's what to expect from your very first class:


At the start of the class, you will take part in the warm up with the other members.  This is a series of stretching techniques to prepare you for the class. 


After this, you will then be given a 10 minute introduction by the School Owner, Mr Anthony Wendt.  During this introduction you will be shown and will have the opportunity to try the following:


  • How to hold your stance and guard

  • The Outward Block - this is one of the first blocks you would learn at White Belt for a punch or strike to the face

  • The Inward Punch - the first punching technique you would learn at White Belt

  • The Front Kick - the first kicking technique you would learn at White Belt

  • The Etiquette - an explanation and demonstration of the bow, used both to other members and towards the flags, the handshake, and use of the first Korean words you will learn 'Pil Seung'


After the brief introduction, you will be fully prepared to participate in the remainder of the class where further techniques will be learnt.  This will include: 


  • Close Range Drills - these drills go through the motions of real life close quarter holds and releases

  • Shield Drills - these are punching, kicking and striking drills used on padded equipment, so you can exercise the techniques you have learnt using full power

So if you would like to book your session, please complete your details and we will contact you to arrange your FREE introductory trial class.

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