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Join countless others who benefit from learning both essential self defence skills & life skills.


Here's what some of our students & parents have to say about our classes:


Adult Members


I have been training at Richmond CKD for over 6 years and greatly appreciate Mr Wendt's encouragement and professionalism. The school is extremely well run, very friendly and has a great team spirit, with the more experienced members supporting newer joiners. I attend classes twice a week - I find it's a great way to relieve stress and I've seen a massive improvement in my strength, agility and flexibility. I really recommend you come along.


Bill B


For me, this school has combined the right things - fun, discipline, hard work, friendliness and self-confidence. It has helped me relax, develop more confidence and remain active.


Tariq R


I really enjoy and benefit from the classes and feel more confident. There's a real mix of people and abilities and everyone is included. The School Owner, Anthony Wendt, is very helpful and patient. I like it too that you can sign up to one or two classes a week, depending on how much commitment you can give.


Catherine H

The Richmond Choi Kwang-Do team is very welcoming, friendly, very well run, and a great form of both exercise and confidence building as you develop and progress through the belts and gain practical self defence skills.


Seeing students achieve Black Belt demonstrates that this is within reach for all students.


Highly recommended.


Richard G


CKD is a great way to take time out of a busy life to focus on self-development, strength and self-defence, which as a woman is particularly important. The classes are friendly and affordable with a great mix of people from all walks of life. I particularly enjoy the progression through the belts, as well as the emphasis on stretching and breathing.


Chloe S


Family Members


I started training at Richmond CKD with my son when he was 8 years old. I have seen the enormous changes it has made to him in terms of confidence, fitness and how he carries himself and I have experienced changes in myself too. Learning Choi Kwang-Do has increased my confidence in dealing with situations of physical threat and at the same time reduced the instances of conflict arising. However, the value of CKD in our lives has not just been in the skills learnt, but that it has been something my son and I can share, and now helps us keep a close bond through his teenage years. I firmly believe that the benefits Choi Kwang-Do brings can be life changing.


Nick N


I have seen both my children blossom and grow in strength and confidence in Anthony Wendt’s Choi Kwang-Do classes. He is a gifted teacher who praises and encourages in an atmosphere of discipline and respect. Having taken the plunge and started attending classes myself I am very much enjoying the stress busting aspects of the training as well as increased fitness and flexibility. Working with shields means that there are opportunities to try out kicks and punches at ‘full power’ which helps build confidence and self-belief. I would highly recommend Richmond CKD to both children and adults.


Judith A


CKD, with its emphasis on physical and mental self-improvement rather than competitive training, has been the perfect way for my son and me to get back into martial arts training.


Mahmoud W


Child / Teen Members


I like it because you have different belts and for each belt you have a different pattern. I like learning the patterns and I like the running game.


Lizzie A


CKD helped me to feel comfortable with my own self. It enables me to be both gentle and strong, humble but confident. I would whole heartedly recommend it to other teenagers. It helps you walk with a sense of pride and feel physically confident, whether or not you have to use your skills.


George A

If you would like to book your session, please follow the link below, complete your details and we will contact you to arrange your FREE introductory trial class.

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